Making the Switch from Online Poker to the Casino

Different people get interested in poker at various stages of their lives. And wherever you started your poker career, it is more than likely the first match you ever played would have been either a live game or on a computer.

These are the most popular ways to play, whether it is a friendly game over the weekend with friends or a slice of competitive play online over the weekend.

And if you really want to become a well-rounded poker player, you are better off trying to master playing on both mediums and not just sticking to your own play.

The problem in, making the transition. Live poker can be very different to playing online, but it is a switch that many people find necessary in order to become a better player.

The big differences

There are several differences that you will need to adjust to.

Being face to face

You cannot make any sort of reaction when playing live poker, unless you want to give the game away. WORK ON YOUR POKER FACE. It is something that is not needed for the online market, but it is an essential part of live casino playing.

Do not react to the cards. That is possibly the most important piece of advice to take on board when moving from online to live play.

Leave the cards alone

Some casinos, especially the large ones in places like Vegas, can get extremely annoyed if you remove the cards from play too much. Never place them in your lap, even just to look at them, and then return them to the table. If you do forget and keep moving them – this is a recipe for disaster and you will most likely be kicked out for cheating. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Keep track of turns

When playing poker online, the computer does a lot of the hard work for you. It tells you when to bet, and will not let you do it before hand. Therefore, you always look like you know whose turn it is. If you do make a play out of turn, there are sure to be people at the table that are not happy about it.

If you continue to make the mistake you could even see yourself kicked off the table, so always make sure to keep an eye on the dealer chip. That way, you will always be able to work out whose turn it is without ruining anyone else’s game.

It’s no longer free

If you have been spoilt by the joys of playing free online poker, you may (or may not) be surprised to learn that playing poker in a casino costs a lot. It is easy to get hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds in the hole after just a few short hands. This is not a good move for anyone, but it is an easy mistake for n00bz to make.

Playing in different currency

If you are only used to playing at live poker in UK, the currency you use will most likely be £. This makes it a lot easier to be able to choose bets, work out in your head how much you have spent etc. It is only when different currencies come into play – such as dollars or euros – that it can get confusing and expensive. The exchange rate for these currencies changes all the time, so make sure to always check before you go into a casino exactly how much you will be spending. Perhaps get a lump sum out beforehand in order to control yourself.

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