What’s Betfair Ladder And How To Use It?

betangel-ladderA ladder interface is nothing more than a particular view of the data which allows to place, modify and cancel trades very quickly, perfect for scalpers or spread traders and traders operating in very volatile markets, where prices change very quickly. Trading on Betfair is actually not much different from trading on the Stock Exchange. Laying and backing sporting events is just like buying and selling shares, and many techniques and strategies can be utilised in both the worlds.

The ladder interface is available on almost all Betfair trading apps and allows traders to place orders into Betfair quickly (one-click) and precisely and hence in a larger number and in a shorter time frame than you would normally do on the Betfair platform itself.

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Betfair Trading Ladder

betgizmo-ladderBetfair trading requires absolute concentration. You don’t need to be distracted with questions like “what direction is the market about to go?” or “what just made the price move?”.

To remove these mental distractions and reduce the loading on our poor brains, one way to proceed is enhancing the Betfair trading ladder. For instance former Betgizmo software added visual bar graphs that clearly represented amounts and Betfair market depths.

This may look like a trivial change, but if you downloaded Betgizmo software in the past and tested the Betfair trading ladder you soon realised just how much easier Betfair trading became. You could visualise market movements without staring at a bunch of numbers that the other “trading ladders” offer.

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Download Betfair trading software

**** Notice: The software is no more available for download as we are currently working on a better and more sophisticated version, that will be promptly and directly accessible on our website ****

Download and save the BetGizmo installer “setup.exe”.

– No setup costs
– No need to register
– Instant activation
– Just download and use

Don’t Worry! We won’t install a bunch of additional stuff on your computer or try to sign you up for unwanted emails.

Once it has downloaded run the setup file on your PC. This will then download and install the BetGizmo application for you.

The Microsoft Net 2.0 framework library is also required. If you do not have the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework installed on you machine the installer will go to the Microsoft website and install this for you.

Everything should work first time. If you have any problems, please login to this website and raise a support ticket which can be found on the contact us page. We are here to help.

You need a valid Betfair account to use BetGizmo.

Detailed information about installing BetGizmo can be found in the online manual.

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