Strategies You Can Use To Make A Living By Betting On Exchanges

betting exchangeThe introduction of betting exchanges has completely changed the way betting is done in the UK and made punting and bookmarking much more developed niches. With the revolution of exchanges, punters can now become bookmakers and vice versa. You can switch your roles back and forth from race to race or even play both roles in the same game at the same time. In addition, this is not the only way you can make money from betting since the introduction of the exchanges. Let us look at a few other opportunities:

Exchange trading

You do not need to use the old ‘back and lay’ method to make money anymore. You can now trade prices on exchange markets and make some gains no matter what horse wins or loses a race. This lets you act like a stock market reader enabling you to trade in and out and make profits on fluctuations in the odds. For instance, if a horse in plummeting in odds, you can back it at one price and lay it a moment later at a lower price. Just like any other business, exchange trading has its high and low seasons in which you can either gain or lose your investment. This can however be averted severally as you learn the ropes of predicting the exchange market.

Computer programs and software

This form of activity increases liquidity since there is a continuous flow of large sums of money in and out of the market. Companies like BetDaq and Betfair allow computer programmers to build programs that connect to their APIs, which gives a computer direct access to the exchange, thus making it easy to make numerous bets within a few seconds. It also enables you to deploy computerized betting strategies without having to be good at programming. This innovation has enabled some less tech savvy people to trade in a very sophisticated manner. Countless software can be used to do this. However, no software is recommended for you. It all depends on the betting strategy you want to employ.


As a punter, you might decide to focus primarily on in-running markets. You can back big at short odds on horses that seem to have a very high chance of winning. This type of betting is not for people who are afraid though. Although, if you are a quick thinker and can react in a moment’s notice, you can make some good profits from the markets.

Being a specialized form of betting, in running can be dangerous for the novices of the game and you can lose a lot of money doing it. The most important thing to know when betting in running is to know you. For example, if you know you are greedy, you might be carried away the moment you start making what seems like easy money. You will end up spreading your bets all over the market. This is not a smart move as no one can master or sustain that level of concentration and it will not be long before you make a mistake and things take a downward turn.

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