What’s Betfair Ladder And How To Use It?

betangel-ladderA ladder interface is nothing more than a particular view of the data which allows to place, modify and cancel trades very quickly, perfect for scalpers or spread traders and traders operating in very volatile markets, where prices change very quickly. Trading on Betfair is actually not much different from trading on the Stock Exchange. Laying and backing sporting events is just like buying and selling shares, and many techniques and strategies can be utilised in both the worlds.

The ladder interface is available on almost all Betfair trading apps and allows traders to place orders into Betfair quickly (one-click) and precisely and hence in a larger number and in a shorter time frame than you would normally do on the Betfair platform itself.

A ladder view is also a broader view with all prices, traded volumes and available amounts, and often other important real time data which help in market analysis and short-term forecasts. You have just to choose a default stake and, using the ladder view, you will be able to lay, back or cancel your trade immediately by simply clicking on the corresponding cells, awesome for fast reacting to adverse outcomes and hedging purposes.

Take note that different apps may provide different sets of data, therefore select the app according to the data you need to take proper trading decisions conforming to your own trading strategies and methodologies.

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