Use Betfair Apps for an Enhanced Betting Exchange Trading Experience

betfair-appsThere are 2 main ways to bet on Betfair, either through their website or through the Betfair apps. The apps do not only allow you to bet effortlessly, but also offer additional features which can largely improve your betting performances thanks to faster betting and more informed decisions.

These additional features, according to their nature, allow to classify the apps in 3 main categories – Trading Apps, Automated Apps and Mobile Apps.

The Trading Apps offer the chance to profit during the lifetime of a bet by providing data and tools for a successful trade like one-click betting, fast refresh rates, ladder trading, dutching, that is mitigating the risk of losing multiple runners by backing, charting, etc.

The Automated Apps or bots offer automated betting features like conditional betting or betting with triggers, spreadsheet integration, automated cash out, timed betting, etc. You can basically device a strategy, set up the app, and leave to it any trading duties during a certain time-frame.

The Mobile Apps offer betting features for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile, thus you can bet wherever you are using just your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

If you haven’t any previous expertise with Betfair applications, I’d suggest to start from a simple and free one like Bet Angel Basic. With its basic charting, one-click betting and fast price updates this free app will let you accustom to these additional features guaranteeing an enhanced trading experience.

Other apps you may want to check are BetTrader, Geeks Toy and Traderline which provide a training mode to test the software without any of your money at stake.

For a slightly more experienced user I’d suggest BotBeetle instead. This is free as well. It offers a complete view of the betting market in grid and ladder, easy to examine and ready for placing, modifying and cancelling bets. Trading tools available in the app are ladder, triggers, tick offset, one-click betting, dutching, charting and live results.

As soon as you get used to these apps you may want to try some paid tools.

MarketFeeder Pro has a monthly or annual fee to pay.
Mostly used for conditional betting on the Betfair Exchange, MarketFeeder Pro allows you to put into effect any possible staking strategy.

Betting Assistant has a monthly or annual fee to pay as well.
One-click betting, real time prices, triggered betting from an Excel spreadsheet are some of the features the software will make available to you to consistently speed up your trading activity in the in-running markets.

Fairbot comes with an annual fee only, but with a free trial.
FairBot provides the user with high visualisation of the markets capabilities, continually refreshed selection of the most important information and almost instant execution of orders.

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