What’s Betfair Ladder And How To Use It?

betangel-ladderA ladder interface is nothing more than a particular view of the data which allows to place, modify and cancel trades very quickly, perfect for scalpers or spread traders and traders operating in very volatile markets, where prices change very quickly. Trading on Betfair is actually not much different from trading on the Stock Exchange. Laying and backing sporting events is just like buying and selling shares, and many techniques and strategies can be utilised in both the worlds.

The ladder interface is available on almost all Betfair trading apps and allows traders to place orders into Betfair quickly (one-click) and precisely and hence in a larger number and in a shorter time frame than you would normally do on the Betfair platform itself.

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Use Betfair Apps for an Enhanced Betting Exchange Trading Experience

betfair-appsThere are 2 main ways to bet on Betfair, either through their website or through the Betfair apps. The apps do not only allow you to bet effortlessly, but also offer additional features which can largely improve your betting performances thanks to faster betting and more informed decisions.

These additional features, according to their nature, allow to classify the apps in 3 main categories – Trading Apps, Automated Apps and Mobile Apps.

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Betfair Trading Ladder

betgizmo-ladderBetfair trading requires absolute concentration. You don’t need to be distracted with questions like “what direction is the market about to go?” or “what just made the price move?”.

To remove these mental distractions and reduce the loading on our poor brains, one way to proceed is enhancing the Betfair trading ladder. For instance former Betgizmo software added visual bar graphs that clearly represented amounts and Betfair market depths.

This may look like a trivial change, but if you downloaded Betgizmo software in the past and tested the Betfair trading ladder you soon realised just how much easier Betfair trading became. You could visualise market movements without staring at a bunch of numbers that the other “trading ladders” offer.

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Betfair API Solution

The Betfair Exchange Application Programming Interface (API) represents the way to communicate with Betfair and retrieve market data including results and odds, get betting history, place orders, check bets status and perform account related operations with the aim of creating automated betting systems or custom interfaces tailored to a specific audience. It is currently available for the UK, Australian, Spanish and Italian Betfair Exchange markets.

However before being able to promote and provide you with products and services via the Betfair API, software providers have to complete Betfair’s security certification process.

This certification process is designed to help protect Betfair users’ sensitive data and to guide developers in delivering secure solutions. The areas of security that Betfair is concerned with fall into two categories, Confidentiality and Availability. Broadly speaking Betfair needs to ensure that the use of a customer account is performed in a secure fashion, without the possibility of hijacking, misusing or in any form performing malicious activity. The availability aspect is with regards to protect you in the event of denial of service attacks.

We at Betgizmo advise you not to use any software that connects to Betfair unless it has passed this certification process and displays the official API solution logo.

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