Betfair Trading Ladder

betgizmo-ladderBetfair trading requires absolute concentration. You don’t need to be distracted with questions like “what direction is the market about to go?” or “what just made the price move?”.

To remove these mental distractions and reduce the loading on our poor brains, one way to proceed is enhancing the Betfair trading ladder. For instance former Betgizmo software added visual bar graphs that clearly represented amounts and Betfair market depths.

This may look like a trivial change, but if you downloaded Betgizmo software in the past and tested the Betfair trading ladder you soon realised just how much easier Betfair trading became. You could visualise market movements without staring at a bunch of numbers that the other “trading ladders” offer.

Moreover, BetGizmo’s trading ladder for Betfair allowed you to immediately recognise when large sums entered and left the market. You could act accordingly, without scanning and searching for clues in the number chaos.

BetGizmo also supplied 7 weight of money ( WOM ) formulas. But also you could soon realise that checking the WOM indicator became a thing of the past, as with BetGizmo’s trading ladder the pending direction of the market was obvious in most cases.

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