Low Stake Hands Are The Trickiest!

More often than not, the low stake Texas Holdem games are viewed as practice hands and hence, are not taken seriously by players. However, very few of the players who are learning the basics of the game are aware of the fact that they will ultimately dictate the profitability of the contestant in this game.
Essentially, winning at poker is not really about landing a lucky hand that brings you thousands of dollars instantly, but rather in playing smart and tight with small stakes, and especially when you are in a big tournament like the World Series of Poker with its $10,000 buy-in, you don’t want to get burst after just a few hands, right? Consequentially, if you discovered your passion for poker and want to make a living from it, the best approach is to develop a taut and aggressive plan as well as stick to it.

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Weight of Money

Weight of money is a very powerful indicator used predominantly by Betfair traders. If proportionally more people are looking to lay on an event the price is likely to go up, while if more people are looking to back a selection the price will go down.

With the weight of money (WOM) settings, there are seven formulas any one of which can be selected to calculate the weight of money value and drive the indicators such as the Betfair trading ladder.

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Download Betfair trading software

**** Notice: The software is no more available for download as we are currently working on a better and more sophisticated version, that will be promptly and directly accessible on our website ****

Download and save the BetGizmo installer “setup.exe”.

– No setup costs
– No need to register
– Instant activation
– Just download and use

Don’t Worry! We won’t install a bunch of additional stuff on your computer or try to sign you up for unwanted emails.

Once it has downloaded run the setup file on your PC. This will then download and install the BetGizmo application for you.

The Microsoft Net 2.0 framework library is also required. If you do not have the Microsoft .Net 2.0 framework installed on you machine the installer will go to the Microsoft website and install this for you.

Everything should work first time. If you have any problems, please login to this website and raise a support ticket which can be found on the contact us page. We are here to help.

You need a valid Betfair account to use BetGizmo.

Detailed information about installing BetGizmo can be found in the online manual.

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Betfair API Solution

The Betfair Exchange Application Programming Interface (API) represents the way to communicate with Betfair and retrieve market data including results and odds, get betting history, place orders, check bets status and perform account related operations with the aim of creating automated betting systems or custom interfaces tailored to a specific audience. It is currently available for the UK, Australian, Spanish and Italian Betfair Exchange markets.

However before being able to promote and provide you with products and services via the Betfair API, software providers have to complete Betfair’s security certification process.

This certification process is designed to help protect Betfair users’ sensitive data and to guide developers in delivering secure solutions. The areas of security that Betfair is concerned with fall into two categories, Confidentiality and Availability. Broadly speaking Betfair needs to ensure that the use of a customer account is performed in a secure fashion, without the possibility of hijacking, misusing or in any form performing malicious activity. The availability aspect is with regards to protect you in the event of denial of service attacks.

We at Betgizmo advise you not to use any software that connects to Betfair unless it has passed this certification process and displays the official API solution logo.

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