Greening up on Betfair

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Betfair Greenup, Betfair Green-up, Betfair greening up or going all green on Betfair are just some of the terms used to describe the process of guaranteeing a profit on Betfair no matter who wins. This may sound like a scam from a “get rich quick” email but it is a real Betfair technique that is very easy to apply.

The reason the technique is called greening up is because when it has been performed correctly the Betfair grid shows a green profit value for every selection in a race, thus guaranteeing a profit no matter who wins.

The technique can be used on a rising or falling market and has 3 basic steps that are performed on a single selection from the list of competitors. The example below is for a falling selection, i.e. a competitor who’s odds are shortening.

  • Step 1 Backing a selection whose odds are falling.
  • Step 2 Laying the selection to secure a profit.
  • Step 3 Greening up to guarantee a Betfair profit no-matter who wins.

Step 1 – Backing a selection whose odds are falling.

The first step is to identify a competitor whose odds are either falling or going to fall. When the selection has been identified a back bet is placed on that selection.

If a back bet of 2000 was placed on Stalking Shadow at odds of 2.2, this means that:

If Stalking Shadow wins, we win (2.2-1) x 2000 = 2400.00 ( and get our 2000 stake back )
If Stalking Shadow loses, we lose our stake of 2000.00

Step 2 – Laying the selection to secure a profit.

The market has been monitored for a while and as can be seen Stalking Shadow’s odds have now shortened to 1.25, it was decided that this was a good time to secure a profit on Stalking Shadow.

To secure the profit it is a simple task of laying exactly the same stake on Stalking Shadow. Laying 2000 at 1.25 on Stalking Shadow has the effect of canceling all the losses if Stalking Shadow loses and returning our original stake of 2000. This means that:

If Stalking Shadow wins we then win 2400 ( from step 1 ) and lose (1.26-1) x 2000 = 520, therefore 2400-520 = 1880.00.
If Staking Shadow loses we lose 2000 ( from step 1 ) and win 2000 from this lay -2000+2000 = 0.
Another way of calculating this is (original Back price – lay price) x stake i.e. (2.2 – 1.26) x 2000 = 1880.

This is a great position to achieve, if Stalking Shadow wins we win, but if Stalking Shadow loses we do not lose a penny.

Step 1 and step 2 can be performed as many times as required, remembering that the same stake values must be used for each step 1 – step 2 cycle. This is a simple form of Betfair trading!!

If desired we could stop here and wait for the race to run, the only problem is that after all our good work we are still reliant on Stalking Shadow winning for us to profit from this race.

Step 3 – Greening up to guarantee a Betfair profit.

If we wanted to stop at step 2 then that is fine, we just need Stalking Shadow to win. However, there is an alternative, we can “spread” the possible winnings of 1880.00 that Stalking Shadow is showing across the other competitors. This is performed by one simple calculation and another lay on Stalking Shadow.

This is normally performed just before the race is about to start and all step1 – step 2 cycles have been completed.

What we do is: Divide the profit showing on Stalking Shadow ( 1880.00 ) by the best lay price Stalking Shadow is showing ( 1.23 ) to give us a stake value, then lay this exact value on Stalking Shadow, so:

1880.00 / 1.23 = 1528 is the stake value to lay on Stalking Shadow
This has the effect of “spreading” the 1880.00 profit on Stalking Shadow across the other competitors, and because Betfair can see that Stalking Shadow is in profit we do not have to use our own money to do this.

The result is:

If Stalking Shadow wins we then win 1800 and lose (1.23-1) x 1528 = 351.44 giving a result of 1800-351.44 = 1528.56.
If Staking Shadow loses we win the lay bet of 1528.00

So by reducing the winnings if Stalking Shadow wins from 1880 to 1528.56 we have now created a position where we will profit no matter who eventually wins this race. A guaranteed profit that does not even require us to be concerned about who wins. Just turn off the PC and TV and have a well earned drink, knowing that the money is “in the bank”.

For a rising market

This technique can also be performed on a rising market. If you predict the odds will not fall, but rise then Step 1 should be a lay and step 2 should be a back, with step 3 remaining unchanged.

Recharge and Relax with a Rich Fruit Salad at the Golden Sevens Slot Game

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golden-sevens-4When I want to relax and recharge my batteries I often prepare for myself a juicy fruit salad. Bananas, strawberries, apples, grapes, and oranges, all I can find mixed together in an explosion of colours, tastes and energy. Sometimes I also relax playing online slot machines. Golden Sevens certainly is one of the most fruity slots I use to play. Produced and launched by the team of Novamatic, Golden Sevens is a classic, fruit themed, very colourful video slot.

If you are a regular online slot player, you might find that there isn’t anything really unique in this slot, but it is exactly this, its drawing elements from tradition, its style a bit retro that make Golden Sevens Online slot games so special and loved by players. In addition to this it has a progressive jackpot which gives you the opportunity to win handsomely. Let’s examine some of its main characteristics.

A Chip Off the Old Block

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chipsThe atmosphere inside the walls of a casino is unreal, at times surreal. Very few, especially older casinos, have windows that allow day light in and none have clocks in view. The idea is to block out reality and allow patrons to forget whether it’s night or day, or what time of the night or day it is.

And the tinkering with reality doesn’t stop there. Gambling in a casino means turning in your real currency for a time and using a substitute currency while you are there. What we call chips or checks/cheques or even tokens date back to the early 19th century and there a many reasons why they are still used today. Most of the reasons are for the casino’s benefit, of course.

The primary characteristic of casino chip is its uniformity. While each casino may emblazon their chips with their own distinct decoration (casino name, location, emblem, or logo) they all are of uniform shape (round), size (about the size of an old half-dollar), and weight (lighter than a silver coin but heavier than a modern one). Clearly stamped on each chip is its denomination – $1, $5, $25, and $100 – for the vast majority of chips in play. Other higher denominations are available and the highest values may even be larger or in a completely different shape than the common ones.

Making the Switch from Online Poker to the Casino

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Different people get interested in poker at various stages of their lives. And wherever you started your poker career, it is more than likely the first match you ever played would have been either a live game or on a computer.

These are the most popular ways to play, whether it is a friendly game over the weekend with friends or a slice of competitive play online over the weekend.

And if you really want to become a well-rounded poker player, you are better off trying to master playing on both mediums and not just sticking to your own play.

The problem in, making the transition. Live poker can be very different to playing online, but it is a switch that many people find necessary in order to become a better player.

Strategies You Can Use To Make A Living By Betting On Exchanges

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betting exchangeThe introduction of betting exchanges has completely changed the way betting is done in the UK and made punting and bookmarking much more developed niches. With the revolution of exchanges, punters can now become bookmakers and vice versa. You can switch your roles back and forth from race to race or even play both roles in the same game at the same time. In addition, this is not the only way you can make money from betting since the introduction of the exchanges. Let us look at a few other opportunities:

Exchange trading

You do not need to use the old ‘back and lay’ method to make money anymore. You can now trade prices on exchange markets and make some gains no matter what horse wins or loses a race. This lets you act like a stock market reader enabling you to trade in and out and make profits on fluctuations in the odds. For instance, if a horse in plummeting in odds, you can back it at one price and lay it a moment later at a lower price. Just like any other business, exchange trading has its high and low seasons in which you can either gain or lose your investment. This can however be averted severally as you learn the ropes of predicting the exchange market.

How to make money betting on the Overs and Unders markets in the NFL

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As Johnny ‘Money’ Manziel prepares for the coming season with the Cleveland Browns, we give you several ways to live up to the NCAA record breaker’s nickname in the betting department

As Johnny ‘Money’ Manziel prepares for the coming season with the Cleveland Browns, we give you several ways to live up to the NCAA record breaker’s nickname in the betting department

With the new NFL season now just over a week away it is likely that many gamblers across the US – and across the world for that matter – are beginning to sit down, assess the match ups and wager their bets in a bid to seek some opening day profit. Now for many of those people, their attempts will simply end in failure, but for a minority, their luck just might be in that day and they could be basking in a neat little side pot. If you would like to be part of that minority, then here are some tips surrounding the Overs and Unders betting markets that could swing the tide in your favour come game day.

With this market, you aren’t betting on a result, you are simply betting on the amount of points that will be scored in the game. This makes the game easier to read from a betting perspective and team line-ups will likely have a more of an effect on the result. Take the quarterback position for example, if you know that a starting quarterback is injured then it may be likely that his replacement cannot fill his boots and the Unders market would be a strong bet. You can find the latest news at all the best NFL sports sites and top bookmaking sites in order to check team news before placing a bet.

Fortune Favours the Frenzied

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fortune frenzyThe Smartphone market today is growing at a rapid rate since the beginning of the year.
With new devices being realised on what now seems a monthly cycle thousands of gamers and gaming enthusiasts want to stay up to date with phone technology and the latest games.

Up for the challenge

One game that meets that challenge is Fortune Frenzy. Fortune Frenzy delivers a pure gaming experience for your mobile phone.

BetBright vs. Betfair – Bookmaker Odds vs. Betting Exchange Odds

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betbright vs betfairIf you’re a regular of the various local betting shops and online bookies, then chances are that you have noticed that bookmakers’ odds are priced less than the ones available at betting exchanges.

Curious about the reason, I raised the question to Mike, a friend at Bet Bright, and he was so kind to give me an extensive explanation.

– While you might find the whole situation as an attempt to lower user profit margins, you might be surprised to learn that this is due to the fact that bookmakers also feature backing for the outcome. Essentially, each time you place a wager with the operator, you earn the possibility of an arbitrage transaction at the same time.

Gambling on football requires sound psychology & discipline

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money tree & footballWhen it comes to successful gambling – psychology and self-discipline are everything.

All types of betting are, to some extent, motivated by “fashion” and this probably applies to football more than any other form of betting. Football is, after all, the world’s most popular sport with an unbelievable amount of attention devoted to it.

This is great news for the shrewd gambler as it offers the value seeker some wonderful opportunities. Manchester City are “bound” to win game X etc…

Most of us are victim to fashion of some form or another at some time in our lives. The trick is to try and ignore it. Leave your prejudices, personal favouritism, irrational likes and dislikes, and emotions to one side and concentrate only on the cold, hard facts – let the stats be your guide in other words.

Low Stake Hands Are The Trickiest!

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More often than not, the low stake Texas Holdem games are viewed as practice hands and hence, are not taken seriously by players. However, very few of the players who are learning the basics of the game are aware of the fact that they will ultimately dictate the profitability of the contestant in this game.
Essentially, winning at poker is not really about landing a lucky hand that brings you thousands of dollars instantly, but rather in playing smart and tight with small stakes, and especially when you are in a big tournament like the World Series of Poker with its $10,000 buy-in, you don’t want to get burst after just a few hands, right? Consequentially, if you discovered your passion for poker and want to make a living from it, the best approach is to develop a taut and aggressive plan as well as stick to it.

Issues to consider before Choosing an Online Sportsbook

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What are the best chance of winning at casino games or online sports betting? Even having a slight edge can mean the difference between winning big and winning small money for those in areas where online casino gambling or sports betting are legal and popular. The plus point here to understand is that if you are willing to wager any money at all why not win as much as possible. Full credit goes to the technological advances in the field of internet technology which has made it easier for people to have many more options than they ever dreamt of before. Online betting has opened up a new era in the betting world and has been an instant success. Today you can even enjoy sports betting on your mobile thanks to top bookmakers like PaddyPower or Coral, with options including iPad and iPhone Apps.

The very first thing to keep in mind before signing up for an online sports betting website is the sign up bonus. Some web pages can give up 10 to 15 percent bonuses to their new clients. To make it simpler let’s suppose a casino gives 10 percent bonus to new clients on signup, if the new client deposits 100 dollars initially the casino will actually credit 110 dollars to his account. This money can be used to enjoy many services which the site offers; these include from sports book odds to online casino games such as progressive slots or video poker. So in short before choosing a site to gamble on you must look at the details regarding the bonuses which they offer.

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